Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 Winters in the north east can be quite harsh, but as a Finn I know how to dress for the weather. When trying to stay warm, being cute is not always the main thing for me. Especially when it comes to winter shoes and boots. 
But I gotta say I really like the look of these "Ravishing" boots from Cougar Shoes that are made to withstand temperatures as cold as 30 Celsius (22 Fahrenheit) and they are also completely waterproof. At the same time they are extremely light weight which makes them perfect for hiking and long walks in the city. They have amazingly soft faux fur and polar fleece lining and lace up front, but the snow or the rain won't get inside because the boot is entirely closed. 
Come rain, hail, sleet and snow storms, I'm ready!
Thank you Cougar Shoes and Matchstick for this wonderful gift!
Please complete this one minute survey about the boots and Matchstick will donate $2 to the Red Cross. Thank you!

Stay warm, 


  1. Nyt on kyllä todettava, että shit happens: ihastuin päätä pahkaa alempana esittelemiisi kumppareihin, mutta eihän niitä Suomeen - ei koko Eurooppaan - toimiteta... Ja hintakin olisi niin passeli, mutta ennen kaikkea näyttävät tosi hyviltä. Kelpais niillä tallata Helsingissäkin ;)

  2. No voi harmi! Tiedan etta Cougarin kenkia myydaan muutamassa muussakin paikassa kuten Amazon, ehka Ebay, Zappos,, mutta en ole varma toimittavatko Suomeen asti...

    Ihan parhaat saappaat kylmaakin kylmempiin ja lumisiin talviin, eli Suomen olosuhteisiin.


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