Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Like an early birthday present, I found these two boxes behind our door few days ago. What a nice surprise!
They were from Cougar Shoes and the smaller box contained the "Regal" rain boot and the other one the "Ravishing" winter boot. Both guaranteed waterproof and insulated even for the harshest climates. 
I got to test the rain boots immediately the next day when we were having heavy rainfall and I had to head to work. First thing that I noticed was the soft polar fleece lining. How awesomely comfy. No need to wear heavy socks. Or socks at all if you prefer it that way... I wore the boots all day at work (felt lazy to change regular shoes on...) and my feet didn't start hurting one bit like they normally do with heavy rubber boots. 
But not only are they comfortable and high quality, they also look pretty darn good. Get yours here.

Please complete this one minute survey about the boots and Matchstick will donate $2 to the Red Cross. Thank you!


  1. Löysin äsken tälläisen hauska blogin ja ajattelin jakaa sullekin kun New Yorkissa asut!
    Mun mielestä tosi paikkaansapitävä, vaikka en olekaan kummassakaan kaupungissa käynyt..

  2. Hey Lady L,

    kiitos vinkista! Katsoin juuri ja hauskalta nayttaa.

  3. Those boots are adorable!!! Love em

  4. Love love love those boots lady! Perfect for stomping around in puddles :) Life sure is sweet! Thanks for stopping by My Cup of Te..I was thrilled to see your comment! Following for more!
    xoxo Roxy

  5. I'm loving those boots! If I move back to the east coast, I just might have to treat myself to a pair.


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