Friday, September 24, 2010


The 84th annual San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy runs along Mulberry Street between Canal and Houston Street. We met with few friends for lunch there on a very hot and humid Wednesday afternoon and here's what we saw. Italian sausages, Mozzarella, Braciole, Calzone, Zeppole...
Our friend brought his camcorder so we made our day into a fun video. He's still editing, but if it turns out good I might show it to you. 
We picked a restaurant where the host was not so pushy and rude like in some of the other places. Gosh they were really bad at what they were trying to do and annoying. Food was nothing to write home about. I had eggplant parmigiano, pasta and the tiniest side salad. And that's what they called 3-course lunch...
It was nice to sit outside in the shade and watch the rude host on the other side of the street trying to get business and how mad he would get if people decided to go elsewhere.  Like we did. Right across from his place. He kept looking at us and shaking his head for a while. 
Gelato in all flavors imaginable.
More games.
Instead of gelato for dessert we had Pina Coladas. Not very good tasting, but satisfied my sweet tooth.
Taking a break from the festivities. 
We had good time and I would like to go back during the evening hours when I'm sure the party is going to be on. First time I went to San Gennaro Feast was back in 2002 and then it was during night time and the entire Mulberry Street was like a big block party. Amazing atmosphere. I highly recommend visiting if you're in New York.


  1. The gelato looks so tempting. Block partying... loud Italians, the buzz of NY... Sounds quite fascinating. Your chic street gear... I say yes gal!

  2. Great pics! San Gennaro Festival is such a fun time. I could eat Gelato daily. If only...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)

  3. Nom Nom Nom! That looks like a blast! I was just in NYC, this post makes me happy :-)

  4. new to your blog. we were there too. good times, good food. lots of entertainment. ha!

  5. Hey Chloe,

    it sure looks so delicious. I had set my mind on Pina Colada that day, but the next day I went to get my gelato. Just looking at that photo of gelatos makes me want to go get one.

    Susu dear,

    it was such fun day. Too bad it had to end by me going to work for the evening...

    Uptown Girl,

    I haven't been to this fest for years and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Maybe because we went so early and it wasn't crowded yet had something to do with it as well as the awesome hot weather, but I sure had a blast.


    thank you so much for stopping by! I love your blog. And yes, I saw from your blog that you were in my neck of the woods. Awesome!

  6. so cute pictures.

    gelato is delicious)


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