Sunday, September 12, 2010


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As I continue to better my life through exercise, diet, relationships and green living I've also mentioned natural beauty products and getting away from toxins. I'm really concerned what I put on my skin and do not buy any products before reading the ingredient list carefully.

I came across this list of TOP5 chemicals to avoid in your beauty products on one of my favorite newsletters, the Healthy Bitch. At the end of this posting is a link to a database where you can check how your products rate. Just type in the product name or the company and be shocked to see the results.

1. Thimerosal - dangerous preservative derived from mercury is often found in mascaras. Mercury is known to cause brain damage. Even the amounts are small experts advice to stay away from all exposure to mercury. I mean why risk it when there are so many other alternatives? 

2. Sodium Laureth Sulfates - byproduct of chemical processing and is classified as a human and animal carcinogen (meaning it could cause cancer). Found in many foaming beauty products such as shampoo, face wash and body wash.

3. Toulene - often used in nail polish and is a human reproductive and developmental toxin. It can even cause liver damage or affect your nervous system and cause memory loss and weakness. 

4. Pthtalates - found in deodorants, perfumes, nail polishes and hair sprays, these toxins have been known to negatively affect the development of children. Look for "essential oils" instead of "fragrance", because companies are not required to list what "fragrance" contains.

5. Formaldehyde - found in nail polishes (makes your nails yellow), lotions, shampoos, soaps, body washes, sun blocks, toothpastes, and bubble baths and is recognized as a carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute.

Wonderful website to check is for a listing of products and their ingredients to make sure the ones you're using now are safe!mascara_wand_square.jpeg 


  1. Thanks so much for listing these toxins and raising more awareness:) I'm with ya, as I've grown older, I've definitely become more concerned about what goes on my skin. I had no idea Thimerosal was found in mascaras. I'll definitely be on the lookout! Thanks again for dropping by my blog:) Sounds like u had a blast during FNO!!

  2. Yes, it's scary what these companies put in their stuff and are not stopped. But I'm glad more and more people are becoming aware of this and turning to organic and natural products instead. It's a major movement.

    Have a naturally beautiful day! It's beautiful fall in NYC (despite the 2 tornados last weekend...) :)


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