Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We had a little visitor this weekend. Chewey (Chewbacka) came to say hello and stayed with us overnight. Needless to say the cats were pissed off and would not come down from the third floor. 
But they did forgive me just earlier today, so we're good. Chewey is still a little puppy and so wild, but he did calm down for few hours and lied in the yard with me enjoying the sun and good books. I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love finally...


  1. Löysin blogisi jokin aika sitten (en enää edes muista, minkä linkin kautta). Mukava lueskella kuulumisia entisestä kotikaupungista! :)

  2. Wouf wouf... we'll get to host a kitty from Friday on. Valentin, a sober-minded suburban Parisian cat.

    The top in your previous post is just so you - sophisticated with a pinch hippie-glam!

  3. Heippa Seglare, kiva etta loysit ja kiva jos voin valilla tuoda kivoja muistoja mieleesi taalta! Kavaisin blogissasi aikaisemmin tanaan. En saa enaa ilmoitusta ollenkaan kun joku jattaa kommentin kun muutin asetukset niin ettei minun tarvitse etukateen erikseen hyvaksya kommentteja. Mutta kayn tsiigailemassa silloin talloin onko uusia. Mahtavaa viikkoa sinulle!

    Susu, good luck with the kitty. Suburban Parisian...Hmmm, I wonder what type of personality that's going to be. Our Thai-kids are very stubborn and needy, but all that love they give just makes my heart melt every day.

  4. Oh, and Susu, thanks. That's my fave blouse right now. I wish I had bought it in every color. It's so light, flowy and you are right, pinch of hippie-glam.


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