Thursday, August 19, 2010


My parents are in town for ten days so I'm trying not to spend too much time on the computer. That's why I've pre-scheduled few postings that will pop up during my vacation time. It's just too nice out and we don't have too much summer left, so I'm trying to really live it up and do tons of outdoor stuff.
This is how I start my day every single morning. My green drink. I blend together one whole banana, 1 tblsp greens powder, 4 tblsp hemp protein powder, 1 tsp spirulina, 1 tblsp maca powder. For liquids I use  organic almond milk, coconut water or sometimes both. I know it doesn't look appetizing and doesn't taste that great, but it's ok as long as it does good for me. I gave some for my mom and she actually said she liked it. 
Miina and Moses are happy to see their grandparents again and the grandparents are happy to see their little furry grandchildren and you know what that means; extra lot of loving and treats.
As I've said before, I love to order everything from Amazon and that's where I normally get my powders and other health stuff as well. I just got another order of Organic Hemp Protein Powder, Organic Maca Powder and Organic Raw Coconut Oil. I use this oil for cooking as well as for my hair and scalp for moisturizing mask before washing it out (sometimes overnight) and for my skin. Like the wise people say, you should never put anything on your skin that you cannot eat. Skin is your largest organ and all the toxins and chemicals you use on it go straight to your bloodstream. 
And last but not least, my new favorite quickie healthy recipe. It's so easy to make, tastes awesome and I ate the whole thing alone in a day (sorry honey). I found this recipe at Trader Joe's (one of my favorite stores) and made it fit for me by removing the meat and adding vegetables.

W.O.W. Enchilada Casserole 

Olive Oil (for pan) 
1 bottle Enchilada Sauce (I used taco sauce)
1 package frozen corn 
handful of cherry tomatoes
6 TJ’s Green Onions, sliced, green tops preserved for garnish 
2 tbsp Sliced Jalapeños, minced 
1 can Sliced Black Olives 
1 package Corn Tortillas, cut into strips 
1 package Mexican Shredded Cheese Blend 
2 Avocados, sliced 

Pre-heat the oven to 450°. 
Swab bottom of a baking dish (appx. 8” x8”) with olive oil & a small amount of enchilada sauce; set aside. In a bowl, mix corn, green onions, jalapeños and 3 tbsp of sliced olives together with a small amount of enchilada sauce. 

Cover bottom of dish with a layer of tortilla strips. Top with half of carne asada mixture,  followed by a small amount of sauce and about one-fourth of the cheese. Repeat second layer in the same order. 

Top second layer with strips of tortillas, remainder of sauce and remainder of cheese. Garnish with remainder of olives and green onion tops. 

Place in oven and bake until cheese is melted, the edges are browned and sauce is bubbly; about 20-30 minutes. Remove from oven and sit for 10 minutes before cutting. 

Top with slices of Avocado. WOW! Enjoy. 
Serves: 6-8 


  1. Oi ihana siiamilainen!! Meillä oli kanssa mutta se kuoli -05 mutta eli yli 20-vuotiaaksi!:) ne on todella <3

  2. Wow, olipas pitkaikainen. Mekin ollaan nyt luomuruokaan siirrytty ja holistiseen terveydenhoitoon. Toivottavasti meidankin murut elaisi noin vanhoiksi.

  3. joo se oli kyllä:) mä en nyt ole varma puhunko puuta heinää mutta muistaakseni luin jostain että siiamilaiset voi elää just yli 20v:)


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