Saturday, July 17, 2010


 Yep, it's NY Restaurant Week again and we had reservations today for Aquavit. For those who don't know, Restaurant Week offers three course lunches for $24 and dinners for  $35.
Aquavit is located in midtown East 55th St. and offers contemporary Scandinavian cuisine. And they sell Kopparberg cider
 I was happy our fabulous waiter Jarrett asked us in the beginning if we had any allergies because Scandinavian restaurants are known for seafood and I'm very allergic. For some strange reason I can eat canned tuna though. Maybe it's not real tuna at all. Have I just discovered something major?
For appetizer I had very refreshing chilled green tomato soup. For main course I had Asparagus "Barlotto" which is basically like risotto, but made with barley. Forgot to take a photo. C'mon, I was really hungry and couldn't wait.
For dessert we had cardamon cake with strawberries and lemon ice cream and the chocolate budapest cake. Desserts are always to share for.
The restaurant was gorgeous and very large, portions like pieces of art work, but very tiny. Although more than enough for me, but I could see some big guy complain that the portions didn't suppress his hunger.
All and all Aquavit was good experience. Service was extremely polished and courteous and we got our food fast even the restaurant was packed. Many new flavors and taste experiences  made these two foodies happy. That's what we live for. Good food and conversation.
I was wearing earrings that my grandmother gave me when I was a small child. I believe she got these earrings from Tunis. It matches my new ring perfectly.


  1. I just love your chic and casual outfit! You wear these hues so well. And they seem in accordance with your style in general.

    I equally appreciate the way you write about your lovely food experiences. Your relationship with this seems so admirably healthy. I admire and look up to you for that.

    Thank you ever so much for your encouraging comment dear Katz! It means so so so much to me.. especially now!

    A big sincere hug to you! I have so much enjoyed getting to know you during these past few months. Too bad we don't live in the same city!

  2. "Desserts are always to share for."

    Indeed! :)

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  5. Kopparbergin päärynäsiideriä saa muuten mun lempikattobaarista Mé Barista, La Quinta Inn -hotellin katto K-townissa :)

  6. Juu tuota kattoterassia en tana kesana viela ehtinyt testata, kuvissa naytti kivalta. Ehka tassa on viela aikaa, on tuolla nimittain edelleenkin aikamoisen lammin. Kylma tuuli vaan. Hirvean vaikea pukeutua asianmukaisesti...

  7. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?


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