Monday, June 21, 2010


30 min ferry ride from NYC and you are at the hot beaches of the historic Sandy Hook, New Jersey. No traffic, no crowds (except Saturdays and Sundays), no stress. Just beautiful views, ocean, birds singing and crickets playing their violins. We felt at peace once we got off the ferry and waited for the yellow school bus to take us to our beach.
We chose the beach with the Seagull's Nest Restaurant and Bar. They also have nude beach here, but we opted not to go there this time. Maybe next. I can just imagine the amount of perverts in there.
We brought some good wine with us to celebrate the day. Cheers!
Once we got hungry we checked out the Seagull's Nest. It serves basic junk food, burgers, chicken fingers and wings and so on. K had the hot dog with some nasty looking green relish. She enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy watching her eat it...
I had these greasy mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. Not the best meal I've had at the beach. Next time I come here I'll bring my own food. And use Seagull's Nest just for getting some frozen cocktails.
It's a nice outdoor bar to hang out. Bartenders were funny and there's sports on big screen TV's.
Those two girls behind us were crazy. The moment the other one opened her mouth we knew this was straight from Jerry Springer. Her mother slept with her best friend and her other friend murdered a couple that owned a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Jersey. I wish I had video camera with great microphone with me me so I would've taped them. This is the part where my friend K asked "Is this THE Jersey Shore where they shoot THE Jersey Shore?".
Ocean Goddess coming up from her dip. Water was freezing.
Here we're waiting for the ferry to go back to NYC. I felt quite energetic, but K opted for a little nap.
We had awesome time and already set the date for our next trip to Sandy Hook. It will be in early July and we're bringing food and great friends with us.


  1. Oh my... I love your beach fashions. The dress, and the bikini. We've been to a nude beach in Southern France. It was actually super relaxed. No perverts lurking around.

    I adore how you always manage to look so stylish... and careless about it at the same time! Talent, gal, talent!

  2. Thank you dear! That bikini is from Victoria's Secret. It's just getting too big for me, for some reason I seem to be shrinking... The bottom is also different from the top, because I do not like the bottom that came with it. So I'm one big casual mismatch. :)

  3. how much fune.
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  4. Omg how super fun this looks lol I am so jealous (in a good way) I wish I could go on vacation soon

    You look very stylish =)

  5. sweet! this mini time away from the big city looks just perfect. i love seeing how we enjoy the city, and all about in different ways...

    happy summer to you!


  6. Oooh I have yet to make it to any of the beaches here, but I SO want to!! Looks fun!

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