Monday, June 7, 2010


While wearing my bracelet from Jamaica I got stopped 3 times in the streets of Chelsea by Jamaicans asking if I had great time in Ja. Ya mon,  I sure did, that's why I still wear the bracelet.
It was blazing hot outside, but I had to wear long sleeves because I still have light streaks left from that unsuccessful spray tanning session I did almost 2 weeks ago. I don't know what happened this time, but it did not come out even at all.
Anyways, we went to see the Sex & the City finally (we had scheduling conflicts last week) and we both liked it and hated it. It had it's good moments and some very bad moments, but when we walked out of the theatre we felt happy and uplifted and loving New York City.
So we walked from Chelsea down to Meatpacking and had lunch at Pastis. Food was delicious (French) and service very fast and friendly. After we walked to Union Square for Happy Hour at Bar13 which I would not recommend for anyone. Just trust me on this one. Every experience I've had in this place has been bad and suspect. Although I would love to go check out their spoken word nights.
Next stop Harlem and the Moca Restaurant & Lounge
Doesn't this look just like a painting? Great night shot of Keli in front of Moca.


  1. you look adorable!

    and yea SATC was okay but i think true harcore fans will like it just for the girls. not the storyline, of course.

  2. cute bracelets indeed!
    always nice to get compliments~
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hey!
    Ollaan monesti kävelty Pastiksen ohi ja mietitty lounastamista siellä, kuinka ollakaan olen kuullut sen verran negatiivista palautetta paikasta et ollaan aina päädytty spice markettiin tai muuhun naapuruston ravintolaan. Pastis ilmeisesti on ihan kokeilemisen arvoinen juttu siis? Mulla kai vain on ennakkoluuloja, joista pääsee yli vain kokeilemalla :D

  4. Thanks Bananas! I love the girls, but I do require some great plots and words of wisdom along the way. Something I can discuss after the movie and think about. Now all we discussed about were the hideous clothes and overacting.

    Emma, Pastis oli oikeasti hyva kokemus, mutta ehka se johtui siita etta mentiin off-aikaan, eli joskus klo 3-4pm valilla ja siella ei ollut kiire. Tarjoilijoilla oli aikaa olla ystavallisia ja keittion puolella aikaa panostaa esillepanoon ja maustamiseen ja muuhun sellaiseen. Suosittelen!


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