Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I finally got a tattoo. It's been years that I've thought about it and what I wanted it to represent, so I knew I wasn't making a mistake.
It's still healing so I will post photos after it has perfected. My friend C took one as well, but that was her second one. We found a place in St. Mark's Place in East Village which is a street known for it's tattoo and piercing parlors and alternative lifestyle shops such as the Trash and Vaudeville. Very punk.
After getting inked we had some Thai appetizers and Thai Iced Tea in a nearby restaurant (can't remember the name, food was nothing special) and started planning our evening.
First stop; Happy Hour. Still somewhere in the East Village by St. Mark's. 
Had some wine. 
Continued to a Finnish meeting at the Stone Creek Lounge and from there with a slew of Finns to this place in the West Village where they had live funk and everyone was jamming. Loved the atmosphere. But can't remember what the name was... Anyone who was there, remember?


  1. Odotan kovasti kuvia uudesta tatuoinnista, jos haluat sen pajastaa tai ainakin mihin laitoit. Itseä himoittaisi laittaa taas uusi ja tiedänkin jo mitä haluan, mutta kysymys kuuluu mihin. Ja sen voisi tehdä sillai salaa, sillä monsieur alkaa jo pelätä mun pian muistuttavan jotain punkkaria..

  2. Hi there! I am LOVING your blog. All the vegan treats and Korean food are making my mouth water! I can't wait to get started!!

  3. Aw congrats on your first tattoo!! How exciting - I can't wait to see the photo:) The city looks totally warm and nice...



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