Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our journalist friend M had her "Talk Show" interviewing Finnish author Meritta Koivisto at the Salmagundi Club. So of course we showed up to support her.
Hudson Terrace has Wine Down Wednesdays that's a private wine tasting party you need to book before hand. It's an ok terrace, no views, but it has nice set up and green plants. You get to taste 3 different wines (white, red, rose) and get description of each one of them. They fill the glass all the way up so after two glasses I started getting in to the party mode and had to stop. I mean, it's just Wednesday and someone needs to be at work at 7am... and not look like zombie.
I found this Ohm-top at street fair in Manhattan few years ago. It's actually a dress, but I prefer to wear it as a top.

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