Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I decided not to participate the Scandinavian midsummer festivities in Battery Park during the weekend and just stay home and relax.
My mister had a bachelor party to throw for his friend (and he said there's no strippers involved, but I'm yet to see a bachelor party without them, so I believe it when I see it), so I enjoyed being home and doing domestic stuff. Laundry, cooking, cutting a giant watermelon so we have light and sweet snacks for the next few days and even baked a chocolate cake. 


  1. Sometimes it is nice to just take it low-key and hang out at the house. Your dress is fabulous! Just what you need for a cosy yet chic day at home!

    Hugs from heatwave-stricken Paris!

  2. Hey Susu! Yes I heard the heat wave has reached Paris. It's been so terribly hot in here for the past week that I'm happy today is a little cooler. Dresses are the only way to dress in this heat.

    Hope you are enjoying it!


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