Friday, May 28, 2010


I finally got some of the patio furniture out and cleaned, so now I can enjoy the outdoors and our garden.   Only thing missing is sunbrella, because we know the damage sun can do to our skin. But that's on my shopping list already, right next to the outdoor chaise lounge...
My favorite restaurant Chom Chom delivered great lunch again, kimchi pancakes. They are so addictive. Chom Chom also has Happy Hour from 4pm-7pm when all drinks are 50% off. Too bad it's not on during my lunch hour. I would come back to work very happy every day...
After work I met up with my friend C and we headed out to Chelsea Market for some wheatgrass shots and shakes from One Lucky Duck. I had the Banana Nut shake (banana,  nut milk, vanilla, cinnamon) that was so delicious. Everything here is so good, just take a look at the menu. It's pricier than your average shake place, but it's all organic, vegan and raw.
How cool that the cups are made of compostable corn. Sweet it is! I wish every restaurant would start using eco-friendly products like this. I'd be wiling to pay more just for that.
Anyways, after our healthy appetizers we had dinner at the patio of the Diner in the Meatpacking District (right next to Chelsea Market). This is great late night dining option for all the clubbers out in the Meatpacking clubs because Diner stays open until early morning.
After we got food for our stomachs it was time for some food for the soul.  Gabrielle Bernstein, whom I've mentioned few times before in this blog, had her "Clarity" lecture in another awesome venue, the Organic Avenue Space of LOVE.

 Gabrielle sharer her spiritual principles for clearing mind to receive personal, physical and emotional prosperity. Following her one hour lecture, Gabrielle facilitated a panel of leading wellness experts to further the clearing process that included:

- Marie Forleo is a best selling author & founder of Rich, Happy & Hot: a company dedicated to giving women around the world tools for spiritual, emotional & financial freedom.

- Kate Northrup is the CEO (Creative Expansion Optimist) of Team Northrup, a femmepreneur, writer, connector, and multi-passionate professional seeker.

- Alisa Vitti, HHC is a Vagina Whisperer, Women's Hormonal Balance Expert, Founder of and Center in manhattan, Hay House's chosen Mover + Shaker and a true wellness guru

- Haleh Nematzadeh is a fashion designer, founder of Haleh.TV and Crystal Healer. Haleh's work with Crystals aid in the process of igniting clarity.

- Bianca Beldini, MSOM, LAc,PT is founder of Sacred Space Acupuncture in NYC and co-founder of Arganica, Natures Age Defying Skin Food, an organic, all natural, made by hand (and love!!) product line dedicated to empowering the women of undeveloped nations who support the sustainability of the planets natural aromatic botanicals and forestry.
Check Gabrielle's community here and join us!

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