Sunday, May 30, 2010


While looking for tattoo places in the East Village (St. Mark's Place) with my sister I couldn't resist the urge to visit the Spot. Here's my first posting about it. 
I was a little hungry when we got there so I wanted to order everything on the menu, but settled for Yellow Corn Crema and Mango Bubble Tea. I so wanted to get also the hot Thai Tea with ice cream, because it was so delicious last time. Next time. 
After eating the sweet dessert we decided to go eat some real food (this is how we do...). So we went to Klong which is Korean Restaurant on the same street as Spot. I enjoyed kimchi pancakes and my sister had some spicy chicken and veggies.
On the way back home we stopped at Babycakes and got an assortment of vegan cupcakes to take home. Too bad the frosting melted (it was hot day) so I had nothing pretty to photograph for you.

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