Friday, May 21, 2010


 The trip I took last week with my sister (she's visiting from Finland for 2 weeks) was to Arizona and the Grand Canyon. I love the mountains and it's been my dream to visit the Canyon for a long time. It was very quick trip, but I'm happy I got to experience it.
We stayed in historic town of Flagstaff which is about 1,5 hr drive from the South Rim of the Canyon. Hotel Monte Vista was in need of serious updating, but for $120 per night right in the historic city center I was ok with what I got. Monte Vista has very interesting history (some scenes from Casablanca were filmed here) and it's been said to have regularly appearing ghosts... We didn't see any though.
I fell in love with the peacefulness. No traffic and no crowds of people. It just made me realize how terrible it is to live in congested cities people moving from one place to another like herds. 
I love the open fields, desert, cactus, mountains, weather, laid back easy going people and the slow pace of life. 
I did request this room, but we were one day late to arrive (decided to stay in Phoenix the first night) and the room was given away. Dang it. For those who didn't know, Jon Bon Jovi is my man.
Grand Canyon was breathtaking, but you really do need a car to get around. They have free shuttle buses, but they operate only in limited area. 
So I need to go back and see more. I'm already planning a road trip with the hubby end of this summer. And it goes something like this; San Francisco-Los Angeles- Grand Canyon- Sedona- New Mexico.


  1. Voi ei, näyttää aivan mahtavalta!! Mulla on monta paikkaa johon haluaisin usassa ja grand canyon on myös listalla. Ja tuo road trip kuulostaa myös (jos mahdollista) vieläkin mahtavammalta matkalta, toivottavasti toteutuu! Mun yksi kaveri houkutteli mua Kaliforniaan kesätöihin ja sitten roadtripille, mutta kun kalenteri on jo valitettavasti täynnä elokuun alkuun asti...
    Ja tiedän erään toisen, jonka kanssa teille taitaisi tulla verinen sota Bon Jovista:)

  2. Lovely photos! I love the Grand Canyon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Hei Ella,

    mun on pakko paasta takaisin tuonne tana kesana. Ihana paikka eika ehditty nahda kaikkea, kuten esimerkiksi auringonlaskua. Ja Jon Bon Jovi on niin maailman ihanin mies. Mika taydellisyys.

    Thank you Silver Strands. It was breathtaking and number two on my list of world's most beautiful places I've visited. Number one is still Taj Mahal.


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