Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On our way to the best BBQ spot in NYC... The Dinosaur BBQ.
Legendary Cotton Club, that opened back in 1923, is on the way there and great after dinner entertainment venue. Something that needs to be checked out in the near future. 
We had to wait for our table at Dino BBQ over an hour because we didn't make advanced reservations, but you can actually book a table through Opentable nowadays which is awesome. I've spent quite some time in my life waiting for a table at this place. My hubby loves Dino BBQ so back when we were dating this was the place to take me out to... 
But no worries. While waiting, you can sip on this fruity drink called Donkey Punch ($8). But don't be fooled, this stuff is strong as hell, and half a glass was enough for me (and I'm a Finn). That's why you see all the big manly men with this pink magic drink in their hands as well. 
The place is always packed and food was one of the best culinary experiences I've had in a long time. Everything was made to perfection (and no, I did not just imagine that because I was buzzed from Donkey Punch), service friendly and attentive and crowd easy going.
Yes, it's not in midtown, but just a short ride to 125th St. on a 1 train and 5 minute walk from there. I warmly recommend visiting. I sure need to go back very soon.

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