Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Groupon has quickly become one of my favorite deal sites and I find my myself buying all kind of stuff from them all the time because the deals are just so awesome. 
This time I couldn't resist a deal that offered 50% off of handmade candies from Papabubble in Soho. I picked one jar in banana flavor and another one in pineapple and they are sooo good. I really should not be eating any candy because just 3 days ago I was at the dentists' office getting cavities drilled and filled, but these jars are also very decorative.

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  1. Heippa taas! Ajattelin pistaa kommentin tannekin, kun en ollut varmaa saatko sen yahoo ryhman postaukset automaatiisesti. Varmaan tiedatkin jo taman, mutta Suomi koululla (kirkon tiloissa) on suklaata ja kaikenlaista karkkia myynnissa viela 4 koulukerran ajan. Koulu kokoontuu 10-14 joka toinen viikko 4/10 lahtien. Eli sinne suklaan hakuun, jos et ole sita muualta loytanyt.:-)


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