Saturday, April 10, 2010


We had no Easter decorations, but I got something yellow for the house. And they are also good for you :)
Spring has made me once again very health conscious and got me eating lighter. I could just have liquid foods all day; raw juices, green tea, smoothies and soups. And some healthy snacks. I love candy, but since my last 3 dentist visits in the past 2 years I've had six cavities, I've given up candy since March 2010. I know, it's only been 2 weeks, but I've found some healthy options such as raw cacao nibs and dark chocolate to help me with my sugar cravings.
Berry smoothies are my favorites. I love all berries and whatever my local supermarket has on sale I mix in with my smoothie. My dear old friend Magic Bullet is really about to die now after one of the mixing cups opened up and all the juice got inside it. So it may be necessary for me to take a trip down to the store and buy a new one. 
My Easter morning smoothie included blackberries (love 'em!), coconut water with pulp, vanilla soy yogurt and one whole banana (who didn't want to be photographed). 
Moses was able to get a good taste of this smoothie before I noticed what he was doing. This cat eats everything. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. Luckily there's not much junk food in our house...
This deliciousness is fair trade certified dark chocolate peppermint bark I got from Whole Foods. Whenever sugar craving hits me I take a small bite.
Easter weekend was really warm so the whole family (his side of course, mine are on the other side of the world) had brunch at a restaurant and then we took frozen yogurts and ice creams to go and had a nice walk around the park. I wore my old Lilly Pulitzer dress because I don't get the chance to wear it too often. The colors are just so bright, but perfect for Easter. 
This dress was given to me when I worked Lilly's private luncheon at the Meadow Club of Southampton in the Hamptons many years ago (see photo below).


  1. For sugar cravings I recommend dried mulberries. They seriously taste just like toffee! I've visited Ekolo every day this week and bought a new batch of them. Addicted? Me?

  2. Hello there Outi,

    I once bought superfood trail mix and it actually had dried mulberries mixed together with goji berries and raw cacao nibs and I did like it a lot. Since then I somehow forgot the whole mulberry so thanks for refreshing my memory. Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Voi kun pystyisikin luopumaan karkeista ja muista herkuista kokonaan. Siskoni sai huijattua minut karkkilakkoon, jossa olen nyt ollut lähes 2 viikkoa. Ilman suklaata olen ollut jo pian 6 vuotta joten se ei enää ole yhtä vaikeaa. ;)

    Pitää hankkia kunnon tehosekoitin, edellinen jäi erossa miehelle.. Kaipaan kunnon marjapirtelöitä! =)

    Hauskaa viikonloppua!

  4. Kaikki näyttää tosi herkulliselta! Itse en pystyisi luopumaan kaikista herkuista, olet todella päättäväinen:) Mutta olen myös yrittänyt korvata ainakin osan jälkkäreistä hedelmäpirtelöillä näin kesän lähestyessä, ehkä suklaa-annokset tästä vielä vähenee...

  5. Ihania kuvia ja tuo sun mekko tosi kivan pirtee:)

    Tsemepit karkittomuuteen tai hyvin oot löytänyt vaihtoehtoja;).

    Mä ikäväin ulkomailla
    Suomen irtokarkkeja ja suklaita.
    Kohta onneks pääsen ostamaan:P


  6. Love, love, love the bag! Fendi Spy bag?


  7. Wow, wow and wow! That dress is such a piece of candy. Absolutely lovely on you. And the way you accessorized it is just ingenious. A real New York fashionista!

  8. RagDoll & Ella B:

    itsetehdyt mehut, marja- ja hedelma smoothiet ja tietysti tuoreet hedelmat ajaa tasta eteenpain makeannalan sammuttajan virkaa mulla. Paatin etta en tarvitse edes suklaata, paitsi tummalla suklaalla paallystettyja cocoa nibseja saan syoda... Suklaa on ollut mun heikkous lapsesta asti joten sen luopumisesta kokonaan tulisi hyvin haastavaa.

    Kevat on aikaa uudistaa elamaa ja talla lailla aloitetaan tana kevaana.

  9. Jamssi:

    Suomikirkossa taalla myydaan patkiksia ja Fazeria ja muita Suomen makeisia joten yritan pysya kaukana sielta...


    Thanks love! From one thing to another: Thanks for the tip about the Almond Milk on your blog. I'm going to test it tomorrow.


    Thanks! Yes. But totally wrong color for me. I can't keep white white... Never again. :)


    Thank you dear! It's one of those flashy designer pieces that very rarely see the day light from my closet. But it's definitely special.

    Happy Weekend everyone! Stay Fabulous!


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