Thursday, April 22, 2010


The other night we took a visitor from Finland to the revolving rooftop restaurant/bar View on top of the Marriott Marquis hotel. I've done dinner here once with my family and was not happy with anything. Food was mediocre, service way below the bar and prices very high.
So I knew I probably shouldn't come back, but since it was her first time in NYC we did it. Cocktails were $16 a piece, tasted like juice and on top of that the waitress added her own 18% tip. Never again...
Place I would highly recommend for drinks is the Stone Street Historic District in downtown. Tons of bars and restaurants to choose from and great happy hour deals.
We chose Smorgas Chef, of course, and enjoyed Kopparberg cider and vegetarian meatballs with mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam. Soo good. I'm so happy they got the vegetarian version of this dish. More reasons to love the Swedes.


  1. Thanks for the hint. I'll use it when there at beginning of June. No need to go to stupid rip-off places.

  2. Onneksi ei tullut mentya viime lomalla, vaikka vahan sita harkitsin...
    T. Lily

  3. Yes Susu and Lily, there are so many places in NYC that have great atmosphere and won't break your bank. When I first moved to NYC I referred to this site a lot:

    They got Happy Hours, cheap food, sales etc insider information.

  4. I never knew Stone Street Historical District existed! I've now added it to my list! It looks so lovely - Almost like it's in another country.


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