Friday, March 12, 2010


Grace Hotel  lounge at 45th St., New York, NY. This is where I spent few hours on Wednesday evening and really liked it. They had Happy Hour 'til 9pm; $5 beers and $8 cocktails. But it might have been because it was somebody's birthday party, not sure if they have happy hour normally.I should find out. And bring my bikinis with me the next time!
They had people doing drunken hula hooping around the pool which I was dying to try, but was able to control myself and save me from the embarrassment.
This would be fun place to spend a weekend. After a night of hard partying in the pool you could come down the next morning and detox in their two large steam rooms. And keep swimming back to the swim up bar (pictured below) to get Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Which would totally defeat the purpose of detoxing, but oh well. It's spring time and time to let loose.
Here are some bad videos of the pool party. Not too much action during early Wednesday evening, but that was quite alright. There are two things I really dislike; loud music and crowds. This one def didn't have the crowds. So I was happy.


  1. Wow... this is funky! Bloody Mary has tomato juice... it's detoxing, right!?

    I'm hitting the Paris night life tonight... yay!

  2. Wau looking good and relax:)



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