Thursday, March 18, 2010


 Now that my favorite lunch spot Seppi's is under renovation I had to find a new homey place to be. I've heard so many good things about Le Pain Quotidien and it's right off my alley serving mostly organic and natural foods plus the decor is so cute with the farmhouse feel and communal tables. But so far I've always just walked by and never stepped in. But now that I finally did I couldn't be happier.

 I ordered glass of organic rose wine (around $6) to start and delicious chicken tartine (open face sandwich) with tons of vegetables and pesto vinaigrette. For dessert I chose rice pudding made with brown rice and soy milk topped with fresh berries. I did NOT become a fan of that.

 These here are souvenirs some lovely ladies from Finland brought for me. Finnish chocolate, licorice, dark rye bread, traditional pea soup, Turkish Peppers, crisp bread and not to forget about the Finnish flag so I can rep. Thank you so much sweethearts! The chocolate was finished in 2 days and it took that long because I wanted to see if "he" wanted any, but since it wasn't touched in two days I finished it myself...


  1. Wau näyttää hyvältä viihtyisä paikka
    ihan nälkä tuli:)

    Ja Suomen tuliaiset
    nyt haluan hapankorppua ja heti;)


  2. Hi from the French Riviera... also drinking rosé here;) Sweet long weekend vacationing.

    We've got the same restaurant chain in Paris. Looks like I should give it a try.

    Next time why not go for some delish macaroons!

  3. Jamssi: Suklaa meni parissa paivassa tosiaan ja ruisleivatkin on jo loppu. Eli seuraavia suomenvieraita odotellessa...

    Susu: Hope you had a wonderful weekend in Riviera. How chic way to spend your weekend.

    I've been very happy with LPQ. I try something new every time and it's always been good. Plus the service is super friendly. Prices are a bit high for sandwiches, but you only live once (as far as I know). :)


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