Monday, March 22, 2010


Few weeks ago we went to our favorite Korean restaurant. It's one of those places in the Korean part of town where the waitresses don't speak much English and everything is very traditional, not Americanized.   Traditional Korean meals are noted for the number of side dishes (kapas, like Korean tapas)) that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice. Kimchi, a fermented, spicy vegetable dish is usually served at every meal. And that's my absolute favorite.

For main course I had kimchi and vegetable stew that was so heavenly good. It's just enough spicy. They bring it to the table still sizzling and it's served with a side of rice.
This snow on the background is already gone and we're enjoying very warm weather, the kind where you can actually wear shorts and tank tops and not freeze one bit. Next weekend's project is going to be getting our yard summer ready. Get the patio furniture out, trim the bushes and do a little spring clean up. Or probably just call someone else to do it...

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