Friday, March 5, 2010


It's my birthday and I always take the day off from work just to unwind and make a plan for the year. I'm not big on celebrating and throwing a party on my birthday, even though I like to do it for other people. On my birthday it was just me and "him". With friends I celebrate usually another day.
Mommy got me my favorite reindeer candle holder from Pentik and this fun two sided station clock that I need to find a place for. Moses is being nosy as usual.
For dinner we had some delicious Thai Mango salad, mine served with crispy tofu and "his" with shrimp. I had some Arbor Mist and cider to go with it. BTW, this is the last time I bought Arbor Mist, it has high fructose corn syrup in it. I'll just stick with regular wine, I guess. Look at that tired party cat in the middle.
But one day I wish to plan my own big party. These photos of pink parties give me tremendous inspiration. So freaking cute. These are from the archives of my computer and I'm not sure who they belong to (Maybe Martha Stewart), so sorry if I'm breaking some copyrights...
I'd have pink cupcakes and pink champagne. Pink flowers all over the place. Tea would be served from old teacups with pink flowers in them. Bartender would be whipping cosmos and other pink cocktails for the guests. Cold strawberry soup. Pink lemonade. What else is pink?
And of course big pink birthday cake. We would all we wearing pink princess dresses and fancy hats. I would get tons of gifts from Williams-Sonoma (because I love that store), including cookbooks, cake mixes, pretty pots and pans, earth friendly silicone cupcake and muffin molds and cookie sheet liners and everything pretty.


  1. Happy bday! Great party ideas. :-)

  2. Paljon Onnea ja ihanaa syntymäpäivää sinulle!!
    Asemankelloa olen itsekin hypistellyt monet kerrat, taidanpa nyt lopultakin sen käydä shoppaamassa, paikkakin kun on jo valmiiksi katsottu:) Ja karvainen kaveri näyttää tosiaankin niiin juhlista väsyneeltä, mokoma on suloinen kuin mikä!

  3. Hyvää syntymäpäivää!
    nyt tuli oikein :)
    kivat kuvat

  4. Isot kiiiiiiitokset kaikille!

  5. Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

    Ihanko oikeasti Moses antoi sinun avata itse pakettisi? Meillä tulee aina vähän neuvottelemista niiden kanssa...

  6. hi honey happy belated birthday! the world has been a better place with you in ya lots

  7. Täältäkin onnittelut:)

    Loistavia kuvia ja pinkkiä
    teemaa oli myös!

    Itekin ihan inspiroidun kuvista;).


  8. Happy B-day from Paris! Sending over some delish pink macaroons from the one and only Ladurée!

  9. Blogissani on sinulle tunnustus

  10. Paljon Onnea!
    Olipas siinä paljon pinkkiä ;P

    xoxo, Prefecta
    Another Fab Day


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