Sunday, March 28, 2010


Kids birthday parties are not what we look forward to attend, but every now and then we have to (when it's close friend or relative). We are always the only childless couple listening everyone talk about their kids, schools and other child related issues. Sometimes I try to jump in to the conversation with a funny story about Miina and Moses, but usually get weird looks from people. So I've learned to look like I listen and just enjoy the good food and drinks. 
As you can see the party turned wild after the music was turned on. Everyone was showing off their latest moves. Especially little Amelia in her pink dress and afro. Such a cutie pie.


  1. Varmasti ollu hulinaa lasten juhlissa:P

    Kurjaa jos kaikki perheelliset vaan puhuu lapsistaan pitäisi muutakin juteltavaa olla;)


  2. I used to be not looking forward to kids' birthday parties, but now I'm the one giving it and torturing my friends who have no kids. Funny how that works. All the kids are adorable!


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