Friday, February 5, 2010


Keeping it quick and simpleSprinkles banana cupcake mix. I found this gem at Williams-Sonoma the other day while killing time there during my lunch break. I so love that store! What a great cook I would become if someone gave me like $1000 gift card there! :)
My rarely used Kitchen Aid got some work today. 
Really didn't feel like putting on the frosting and I made it too thick so it was hard to spread. Not pretty end result, but who cares, they were just for me and my hubby.
Later it was time to work it out. I had about 6 cupcakes in 4 hours. Self control, where are you? Please come back!
At least I have some self discipline left to finish a workout...
Pretty sunny winter day.
What's better than a movie night while the fire burns in the fireplace. Moses loved it too. 
The end.


  1. Teidän talo on upea, tuo ikkunajuttukin on ihana.

  2. Kiitos! Vanha talo jossa paljon tyota, mutta onpahan ainakin omaperainen.

  3. Myös täällä ihaillaan kaunista taloa:) Ja niiin suloisia karvaisia kavereita, meilläkin heitä asustelee kaksin kappalein;) Löysin blogisi ihan vasta äskettäin ja olenkin nyt oikein urakalla kahlannut juttujasi läpi, pidän kovasti!!

  4. Kiitos Liisa! Meidan apinat on toistensa parhaita kavereita ja verivihollisia, riippuen mista pain tuulee minakin paivana. On kylla kaksi niin erilaista tyyppia. Mutta niin ihania.


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