Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've been wanting to go here since they reopened in 2006. The Russian Tea Room was originally opened in 1927, by former members of the Russian Imperial Ballet. The restaurant's interior hasn't been touched and the over-the-top decor is the same as when it closed in 2002. However, several restaurant reviews have noted that the food and service leave significant room for improvement. 
The place is right by my job, so we went there for lunch the other day and took advantage of the NYC Restaurant Week menu.
Sorry, no food photos because I was too hungry to remember to do that... I must say the food was amazing. I was very impressed. I've heard the same bad reviews and created my opinion of this place based on them. But they were so wrong. Everything was magnificent. 
For appetizers we had the goat cheese-mushroom blinchik with lingonberry jam (original price $18) that was delicious. There was only one tiny blinchik, but I had prepared for this because I had heard the portions are really small. 
For main course I had Vareniki, which is Russian Ravioli (vegetarian, original price $22) that was served with sun dried tomato sauce flavored with radish. I loved it.
For dessert I had the chocolate pyramid with citrus sauce (so good together) and my friend Keli had the traditional vanilla cheese cake.
Imagine having your wedding reception here...
I want to go back!


  1. Award to you on my blog!


  2. Hi from Paris!

    Seems like your living your dreams come true on the other side of the Atlantic, just like me here in Paris...

    Finns around the globe, doing what our hearts desire... being wonderfully adventurous!

    Fashion kisses from Paris!

  3. Nuheila: Thank you so much!!! You're a doll! :)

    Susu Paris Chic: We're spreading the Finn Fabulosity around the globe and making the best of our lives. Thanks for visiting Susu!

  4. Hi!Nice to meet you!Do you speak finnish?You have got very beautiful blog!I hope to know you better!=)

    Sinä asut Usassa?Oletko asunut siellä jo kauankin?

    Kiva kun tulit pistäytymään blogissani=)

    Toivottavasti tavataan jatkossakin vielä täällä "blogimaailmassa"!

  5. Hey Kata,

    I've been living here on and off since 2002, but moved here permanently in 2006 when I got married to a local.

    Ja kylla, Katz puhuu myos suomea.:)

  6. I want to live in New York! Looks you've got the time of your life there :)
    I follow you, I'll defenitely come back soon!



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