Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since "he" is very involved with Olympics due to his job, we booked a hotel in Manhattan close to his job so he has a place to come and rest between shifts. MUSE is located right in Times Square, but in a quiet street which was nice because I truly can't stand walking through Times Square. It's just so crowded, overpriced and has no soul.
But this hotel was really nice. Lobby has a lounge and a restaurant and service was friendly. Everything was very sleek and room very clean. 
Here's after dinner fun in the room.
I love this bed headboard. Just like the one I want in our bedroom.
Off to the wine store to get some late night drinks. Just one glass. Makes me sleep better in strange places.
I think Pentik stacked ball lamps would look so much better here than this one. Maybe I should suggest it.


  1. Aivan ihanalta näyttää tuo hotellihuone!

    Kiitos vierailusta, tulin heti kurkkimaan tänne ja sinulla on mielenkiintoinen elämä. Vilkaisin suomenkielistä blogiasikin, joka oli minulle huomattavasti helpompi :)

  2. Ihanan näköinen huone! Haaveilen reissusta New Yorkiin, tuossa voiskin olla sopiva hotellikandidaatti!


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