Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These are the kind of days I love. Home with our little family.
When it's cold outside, we stay home and take it easy. Enjoy the little things in life.
We meditate and connect with each other.
Then we attack the veggies with our new juicer. To add some extra to the goodness we use Acai and soy protein powder with spirulina. Although I must say the chocolate flavor does not go too well with the veggies... So I must use it to some other kind of juices than this. I guess I could use it simply with orange juice, orange and chocolate go together, right?
Here we have whatever we can find in the refridgerator; carrots, apples, kale and celery. I might have mentioned it before that I hate celery, but it's great source of vitamin K and C as well as potassium, and it's really easy to drink and low in price.
Well washed and peeled.
And juicer takes care of the rest.
Voila! How pretty poison green it is.
Cats were amazed by the sounds and action in the kitchen while sitting on top of the radiator, their favorite viewing spot.
Sit down and relax. For dinner we grilled some real chic and some veggie chic in three different flavors. My hubby is BBQ master and loves grilling and mixing his own sauces. I just love a man who knows his way around the kitchen with passion. Gordon Ramsay is his idol.
Be good!


  1. Seems like you're happy to be back home. That's the way it should be! The juice looks like it is loaded with vitamins.

  2. Ihania kuvia! Olisi mukava joskus saada lukea siitä (jos kertominen ei vain tunnu liian henk.kohtaiselta), miten olet päätynyt asumaan jenkkeihin ja kuinka kauan olet siellä jo asunutkaan:)

  3. Susu: Yes, I'm happy to be home with my man and my little babies (Miina & Moses), but not too happy to go back to work. That's the only thing that gets my spirits down. But I'm off to job hunt again! I know I'll find something I love to do!

    Liisa: Olin kuvitellut jo kirjoittavani tarinani jossakin taalla, mutta en kylla loyda sita arkistoista ollenkaan nyt. Taytyypa alkaa kirjoittamaan.
    Tassa jotakin alkuvaiheistani taalla:

    Ja tassa pieni esittely jota taytyy jossain vaiheessa vahan muokata ja pidentaa:


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