Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since "he" is very involved with Olympics due to his job, we booked a hotel in Manhattan close to his job so he has a place to come and rest between shifts. MUSE is located right in Times Square, but in a quiet street which was nice because I truly can't stand walking through Times Square. It's just so crowded, overpriced and has no soul.
But this hotel was really nice. Lobby has a lounge and a restaurant and service was friendly. Everything was very sleek and room very clean. 
Here's after dinner fun in the room.
I love this bed headboard. Just like the one I want in our bedroom.
Off to the wine store to get some late night drinks. Just one glass. Makes me sleep better in strange places.
I think Pentik stacked ball lamps would look so much better here than this one. Maybe I should suggest it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


 Here are some photos from my trip to Helsinki. I loved walking around and just taking photos, everything seemed so beautiful. I had great time and can't wait to visit again this summer. This time at least 2 weeks because time just flew by and I did not have time to meet all friends I wanted to and do all the things I had planned.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These are the kind of days I love. Home with our little family.
When it's cold outside, we stay home and take it easy. Enjoy the little things in life.
We meditate and connect with each other.
Then we attack the veggies with our new juicer. To add some extra to the goodness we use Acai and soy protein powder with spirulina. Although I must say the chocolate flavor does not go too well with the veggies... So I must use it to some other kind of juices than this. I guess I could use it simply with orange juice, orange and chocolate go together, right?
Here we have whatever we can find in the refridgerator; carrots, apples, kale and celery. I might have mentioned it before that I hate celery, but it's great source of vitamin K and C as well as potassium, and it's really easy to drink and low in price.
Well washed and peeled.
And juicer takes care of the rest.
Voila! How pretty poison green it is.
Cats were amazed by the sounds and action in the kitchen while sitting on top of the radiator, their favorite viewing spot.
Sit down and relax. For dinner we grilled some real chic and some veggie chic in three different flavors. My hubby is BBQ master and loves grilling and mixing his own sauces. I just love a man who knows his way around the kitchen with passion. Gordon Ramsay is his idol.
Be good!

Monday, February 22, 2010


View from my parents window 
So the surprise vacation my hubby got me was NOT to San Francisco as I've been begging to go for the past 6 months, but to Finland.
Another view from my parents window
It's not SF, but I'm so happy to be here after 3 years. I love the cold and the snow. It was total surprise for my parents when I showed up behind their door unnannounced with my luggage. I came without him because he has to work like a slave dog until the Olympics are over. I'm thinking another vacation then, maybe to SF since I'm in vacation mood now...
These past few days I've eaten about 12 karelian pies, my mom's cookings, went to surprise my grandmom, had delicious veggie burger at Hesburger (the only burger chain I eat at) and attended a housewarming party in Helsinki Center.
I've been really happy here and liking everything a lot. I could consider moving back for some time. I would definitely live in Helsinki center and travel the Europe. Maybe even go back to school to get my masters or just some courses, since it's free here.  I'm going to meet some more friends and do some serious shopping. It's been snowing every day and I'm loving it.
Check out more gorgeous professional photos of Helsinki HERE

Thursday, February 18, 2010


For the next week I'll be vacationing somewhere interesting. This was a surprise Valentine's Day present from my sweetheart hubby and total shocker for me. I had no idea. He had even called my boss and arranged for me to get time off. I love him to pieces!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Since NYC Restaurant week got extended once again we had a chance to try out the Financial District gem, Delmonico's. Delmonico's opened in 1837 as America's first fine dining restaurant, and it sure is still fine. The space is grand and gorgeous and for example our waiter had been working there for over 25 years. 
Once again there's no photos of the appetizers or main courses, this time I blame the cocktails me and K had before the dinner. We met up in Union Square after work and went to Republic for Happy Hour, but after the first round of drinks we found out Republic does NOT have Happy Hour. So we walked 2 blocks south and found Bar 13 that indeed did have a Happy Hour. $6 for specialty Absolut vodka cocktails (big glasses) or two for one other cocktails. This is also where I want to go for Spoken Word nights one day. 
Our desserts were yummy, but I was so stuffed at this point that I could not have more than two spoonfuls of my cheese cake.
I must say everything I had was wonderful. I had some kind of creamy veggie pasta for apps that was mouthwatering. I would go back there just for that.  Our restaurant critic group gives Delmonico's 5 stars out of 5.
In other news... Let me introduce you our friend Nick, who's our partner in culinary crimes, and surprisingly still single, tall, fit and handsome, passionate about NYC real estate, American Idol and has the same sarcastic sense of humor I do. Just a hint hint single ladies... You can find him wandering the streets of Financial District, Riverside Park or Long Island City and taking photos of the buildings. Yep, that's what he does.