Tuesday, January 19, 2010


January has been meat free month for me. I haven't eat red meat for over ten years, but chicken and turkey yes. I have to say that I've been enjoying the vegetarian lifestyle and will continue the experiment even further. There's really no need to eat poultry when the alternatives are this easy and good.
I also changed cow milk into coconut drink made from the cream of coconut and I'm not hating it. Goes well with cereal and all the baking and cooking that requires milk (like mac&cheese I just made tonight). I'm so happy I found coconut milk, because soy milk was just not cutting it. I did not learn to enjoy the taste, no matter how hard I tried.
I use tofu the same way I would use chicken, just cut it in pieces, marinate and stir fry it with vegetables and spices, sometimes add some delicious barbeque sauce at the end (this way I get "him" to eat it too...). 
Coat: some little store on 34th st. Stockings: Strawberry Long gloves: JC Penney Hat: Husband's Boots: Filene's Basement (don't know what they are)


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