Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday, while I was hanging around Union Square waiting to meet with my other boss, I found myself in Filene's Basement (again) browsing through the floors.
I noticed lots of stuff from Jessica Simpson Collection, really cool coats, dresses and shoes. And for those who are not familiar with Filene's Basement, it's a discount department store where you can find designer fashions 40%-80% off retail prices.
On top of that you can regularly find discount coupons on their website to get even better bargains. This is where I got most of my xmas shopping done last year. They got everything from clothing to jewelry to housewares. I go here to get all my scented candles, you just can't beat the prices. 
Yesterday I found great winter coats and shoes  from Tahari, Calvin Klein and Jessica Simpson.  UnfortunatelyI forgot my 20% off coupon at work, so I have to go back next week again...
Anyway, I have grown fond of Jessica Simpson's lifestyle collection. She's got great looking shoes, coats and bags as well as jewelry and soon to come is the underwear collection. 
The website has sales going on pretty often and of course, you can always go to my favorite store Filene's Basement to get even better bargains.


  1. Ihan mahtava kuva missä Jessicalla on trenssi ja seisoo auton takana!!!Netistä on tullut joskus katseltua malliston kenkiä.Me likes!!!


  2. Although I'm not a big fan of Jessica, I must admit, some of her shoes are adorable! I also own several pairs from her collection:)

    Stay warm girfriend!


  3. Hei Nuheila, rakastan noita Jessican kokoelman promokuvia, aivan ihania.

    Hey Maki, I really dig her purses and shoes, they are really cute and just the style I like. I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw her stuff the first time, so did not expect something I'd like. I guess I had low expectations...

  4. Olen vihreä kateudesta! =D JS:n kengät kuuluvat lemppareihini, ovat niin kauniita.


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