Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sun has been beautiful these past two days and it feels almost like spring again. I bought a juicer finally and planning on using it a lot this spring. Let's see what juicing does for me. I'm hoping for clear skin and energy. Oh, and happiness. :)
Yesterday I went to Asskicker after about two months. Yes, I'm hurting today, but I know it's nothing compared to how I'll be feeling tomorrow. I will try to go to the gym on Sunday too, maybe that will help the muscles.
After class feelings. Cold shower and 20 minutes relaxing in the sauna. I felt so good.
Here are some photos of Upper East Side townhouses I took during a walk the other day on my lunch break. How would I love to live here. So quiet and beautiful. They also have gorgeous Equinox gym here. That was the destination of this walk.
Tonight is my friend's birthday party at Kittichai in Soho. Place looks gorgeous on their website so I hope the food is good as well. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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