Friday, January 22, 2010


I hear a lot of people complaining how tired and uninspired they are right now and it seems that this winter gloominess is getting to me as well. On top of that there's this big dark cloud on top of my head that keeps occupying my mind; I'm wasting my time at my job and need to find new one as soon as possible. Every time I see these young happy people doing something they love for living I feel so unaccomplished.
Anyway, I took extra day off from work today and applied for jobs, cleaned and reorganized the house and beautified a little. With my brand new ionic hair dryer came this bottle of Moroccan oil that I apply to ends of my damp hair after wash to give shine while it strengthens and conditions as well as reduces drying time.  My hair has gotten very long again, but I'll let it grow until I decide what to do with it.
I love to wake up in the morning to this furry alarm clock. He is such a monkey. Love him, love him, love him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


January has been meat free month for me. I haven't eat red meat for over ten years, but chicken and turkey yes. I have to say that I've been enjoying the vegetarian lifestyle and will continue the experiment even further. There's really no need to eat poultry when the alternatives are this easy and good.
I also changed cow milk into coconut drink made from the cream of coconut and I'm not hating it. Goes well with cereal and all the baking and cooking that requires milk (like mac&cheese I just made tonight). I'm so happy I found coconut milk, because soy milk was just not cutting it. I did not learn to enjoy the taste, no matter how hard I tried.
I use tofu the same way I would use chicken, just cut it in pieces, marinate and stir fry it with vegetables and spices, sometimes add some delicious barbeque sauce at the end (this way I get "him" to eat it too...). 
Coat: some little store on 34th st. Stockings: Strawberry Long gloves: JC Penney Hat: Husband's Boots: Filene's Basement (don't know what they are)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sun has been beautiful these past two days and it feels almost like spring again. I bought a juicer finally and planning on using it a lot this spring. Let's see what juicing does for me. I'm hoping for clear skin and energy. Oh, and happiness. :)
Yesterday I went to Asskicker after about two months. Yes, I'm hurting today, but I know it's nothing compared to how I'll be feeling tomorrow. I will try to go to the gym on Sunday too, maybe that will help the muscles.
After class feelings. Cold shower and 20 minutes relaxing in the sauna. I felt so good.
Here are some photos of Upper East Side townhouses I took during a walk the other day on my lunch break. How would I love to live here. So quiet and beautiful. They also have gorgeous Equinox gym here. That was the destination of this walk.
Tonight is my friend's birthday party at Kittichai in Soho. Place looks gorgeous on their website so I hope the food is good as well. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Quick day in pictures posting again...
Breakfast chai and reading emails before work. These colors and the smooth music here just get my day started the right way. No more cranky.
During lunch break on my way to the gym I stopped by the lobby of Le Parker Meridien Hotel where they have gingerbread house display.
Quick workout, 14 machines and out to Blue Dog Cafe to get my fresh green juice that I call a lunch when I drink it with protein bar. Yes, I have some super healthy days like this, but trust me, most of the time it ain't like this. I love food and especially sweets. But sometimes this is all I need.
Inside the Blue Dog Cafe (56th St. between 6th & 7th Ave.). Mostly organic and natural ingredients. That's the way I like it. 
Happy leaving work. Going to get eyelash perm at Lavilash. My eyes are so sensitive that once someone touches them they start tearing so it was a bit uncomfortable, but the technician was really gentle and true professional. I like the outcome. The perm really opened up my eyes and with mascara they definitely look much longer too. Let's see how long they stay curled.
When I got home it was time to put back the furniture in our newly painted master bedroom. It is so much cozier now that the white paint is gone and the little pudding brown (?) is in. Love it. Now I have to get lots of white accessories, white curtains. New bedding is already on it's way from 600 CT Egyptian Cotton duvet set, in white, of course.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday, while I was hanging around Union Square waiting to meet with my other boss, I found myself in Filene's Basement (again) browsing through the floors.
I noticed lots of stuff from Jessica Simpson Collection, really cool coats, dresses and shoes. And for those who are not familiar with Filene's Basement, it's a discount department store where you can find designer fashions 40%-80% off retail prices.
On top of that you can regularly find discount coupons on their website to get even better bargains. This is where I got most of my xmas shopping done last year. They got everything from clothing to jewelry to housewares. I go here to get all my scented candles, you just can't beat the prices. 
Yesterday I found great winter coats and shoes  from Tahari, Calvin Klein and Jessica Simpson.  UnfortunatelyI forgot my 20% off coupon at work, so I have to go back next week again...
Anyway, I have grown fond of Jessica Simpson's lifestyle collection. She's got great looking shoes, coats and bags as well as jewelry and soon to come is the underwear collection. 
The website has sales going on pretty often and of course, you can always go to my favorite store Filene's Basement to get even better bargains.