Saturday, December 5, 2009


Janita was performing at Arlene's Grocery and of course, we were there. I really like her new music. It flows nicely and I like her stage presence. So cute. I was going to get her CD that were for sale there, but noticed I had once again spent all my cash (this is why I don't carry cash, it goes way too fast). I will see her again on Dec 16th at the Finland Center Panzi Charity Party, so I will get it then.
 I also have to tell you about this restaurant we went before the gig for some wine and dinner. Awesome food and very reasonable drink prices.
Nadal is located on 5th Avenue and 13th St. and serves french cuisine in a romantic candle light country setting in two levels. I like it because it doesn't get noisy and I'm able to have a conversation here. This place is actually on my way to the office so I need to stop in more frequently. I had pumpkin ravioli that was amazing and my friend Saara had the salmon that was very good as well.
Here's a video of Janita at Arlene's Grocery

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