Saturday, December 26, 2009


Cheery holiday cupcakes. Perfect easy dessert (and breakfast for me...).
 Guess someone's been a good girl this year...
Decor a la moi...
I left most my gift shopping for Christmas eve after work and lord knows I tried to stay calm in the midst of that craziness. Can't believe how many people were out there! Union Square and 34th St. were terribly crowded. I had heavy bags to carry, I was sweating like a little pig and I had terrible headache. But I felt very accomplished after it was all done. Note to self for next year: Get your damn shopping done on Black Friday and book some tickets to the Caribbean for the holidays!
Finnish rye bread ornaments from Nordic Breads (NY).


  1. Happy Holidays to you also!!!
    Ihana,ihana joulukuusi+ruisleipä koriste:)


  2. cupcakes for breakfast! Glad you know what's up. Happy Holidays!

  3. Kiitos Nuheila! Laitoin samalla tilaukseen Nordic Breadsin ruisleipaa kun ei sita itse jaksa vasata ainakaan tahan hataan.

    Hey Amanda,

    I have tendency to eat cupcakes for breakfast whenever I have some around (luckily not too often...). They're awesome with some black or green tea. Sure to make me smile in the mornings.


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