Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sorry. I don't know how to use this camera. I need to read the manual and reset all settings. My good ol' camera was confiscated and now I have to deal with another camera I'm not do familiar with. I bought it for "him" few years ago and never really learned to use it. It's Canon SLR and takes probably beautiful photos, but I have to know what do with it before the beauty can be released.
New Yorkers were able to experience summer in the middle of October earlier this week. Weather was amazing and perfectly suitable for shorts and tees. Well, that's all gone now and we got storm heading our way. Time to get those boots, umbrellas and trench coats from the closets.
Trench: eDressme Private Collection

 I discovered great sushi place in East Village for nights out with friends. New Ashiya at 1st. Avenue around 10th St. serves unlimited sushi, sashimi, beer, wine and sake for $30. I  was very surprised that their sushi was actually fresh and delicious. I do not eat seafood so I had selection of veggie rolls and some chicken rolls. This place has 2 hour maximum and we did get kicked out after our time was up and another party was waiting for our table (I think we were there around 2,5 hrs).  Fun place to gather with a group of friends.
Photo by Mirva Lempiainen (c)


  1. Pitkasta aikaa blogeissa lukemassa, kivoja kuvia...

  2. It's the season of trench coats again. Got to get my wife one before we move to Baltimore.


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