Sunday, November 15, 2009


Warm weather continues in New York. It feels like spring more than late fall or winter. Time to pull out those summer dresses again. I'll still keep the boots on though, because I so love them!

In other news, my skin has improved so much. I will make some time and write about the new products that I'm using and the new skin care regime I've applied. My skin is clearing before my eyes. Finally. I'm so happy! One less thing to worry about!
Have a beautiful week where ever you are,



  1. Joo,tanaan oli todellakin kevainen fiilis.Jotkut oli kesamekoissaan! :)
    Hassua miten viikon sisalla ehtinyt saat vaihdella. Sulla on ihanat saappaat. :)Loytyko Paylessilta sulle mitaan kenkia?

  2. Niin ihanaa etta aurinkoa riittaa viela eika tarvi toppatakkia ja pipoa vetaa paalle. En ole edes ehtinyt Paylessilla kaymaan, niin kiiretta pitanyt ettei shoppailemaan ehtinyt. Paitsi vahan nettishoppailua...:)

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. :) What a cute blog you have here! Love the OOTD. Totally agree on the importance of facials for good skin! Mascara base is crucial for gals like me with stick straight lashes. :( It basically holds a curl for us....yay! :)


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