Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Unfortunately these two little monkeys had to stay home alone for the Thanksgiving. But they keep each other company and keep each other warm as you can see... So I wasn't worried.
So this Thanksgiving we spent in one of our favorite cities so far, The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love actually comes from the Greek meaning of the word Philadelphia, just so you know. It's so beautiful and the same time rough, just like NYC. Beauty in concrete.
View from our 20th floor suite.
Ghostly person in our room.
And then there was me.

 We had our Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant call Knock. The best service and best food ever. It was rated high at Zagat (my husband trusts Zagat guide blindly, it's his culinary bible) and we were able to get last minute reservations so we were extremely satisfied with our choice. They had plenty vegetarian choices so I was as happy as can be. And full. 
 3-course Thanksgiving dinner cost us $35 per person and included soup, salad, main course and dessert. Everything was super delicious.
 Here we were walking around Philly city center trying to find all the great black Friday door busters. Apparently "he" heard on TV that this big mall was going to open at 12 midnight and have great sales for black Friday, but as it turned out, "he" heard something wrong and everything was closed. So back to bed...
Day 2 in Philly. Morning view from our window.
 After shopping we went to have brunch at our favorite restaurant Jones.This is a must go whenever we're in Philly. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream as well as mimosa were part of my meal. And monkey bread to share.
I did also have some real food. Delicious as always. Jones never lets us down. That's why we love it.
The bar at Jones.


  1. No johan selvisi miksi se yksi elokuva on nimeltään Philadelphia! Kiitos valaisusta.
    Ja kyllä on ruoka siellä yhä edullista verrattuna Euroopan ja Suomi-maan hintoihin. Katteeks käy.
    Kiva blogi sinulla - usein vierailen, nyt taisi olla eka kerta kun kommentoin.

  2. Hei Eeeva! Ja kiitos kommentistasi! Philadelphiasta tykkaan ihan senkin takia etta hinnat ovat niin paljon alhaisemmat kuin New York-New Jersey akselilla. Kiitospaivan lounaasta taalla cityssa korkeatasoisessa ravintolassa olisi helposti maksanut kolminkertaisen hinnan kuin tuolla Knockissa. Oli kylla ihana ilta!

  3. Kaviko joku ruokkimassa teidan kisut vai onko teilla jonkinlainen ruoka-automaattisysteemi?

    Kahden kisun mami


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