Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving weekend is here and I can't wait to finish my shift at the hotel, go home and start packing for our little Thanksgiving trip. This morning I went for Kickboxing class and it just drained me and now I'm half zombie at work. Only 5 more hours...
We're heading to one of my favorite cities in the Northeast US. I will report here about our trip since it's going to be lots of eating, drinking, shopping and a show or two.
Babydoll coatForever21 Boots:Mudd
Random photo of the day
Souvenir from my in-laws

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ok, here it is kiddos. With my new organized Kathy Van Zeeland bag comes a new organized life. Now I got a pocket for everything so I don't need to empty my whole bag in order to find that cell phone, my lip gloss or those keys. QVC delivered it in 2 days which was awesome because don't you just hate waiting around for your magical boxes to arrive? I gotta say I'm completely happy with my purchase, there was nothing more I could ask for.
Yesterday I ended my one month break from gym. I thought it was only about 3 weeks, but one of the trainers was quick to look me up in their system and gave me correct number. What can I say, time flies and I'm great at making excuses why I don't need to go to the gym.  Anyways, I took Asskicker and HardCORE classes and boy, was I suffering. The cardio part of Asskicker was really really painful. I thought I was going to pass out. HardCORE class, which concentrates on your abs and back, was also very hard. We used those big medicine balls and it was uncomfortable as hell, but it worked because my abs and sides are very sore today. Here I come washboard abs!
I can't wait to get away for Thanksgiving weekend. I look forward to some great restaurants, show or two and relaxation. The place we're driving to is one of my favorite cities I've visited in the US. We used to go here for weekends and were even looking for some gorgeous brownstones and lofts to buy and make a move. I really needed this break. I'm not used to staying in one place for too long and I get restless if I can't travel, even if it's just for a weekend. I'll write a photo report about this trip and see if it becomes traditional Thanksgiving or something exotic. Last year it was Cuban food and casinos...
Boots: Report Babydoll hooded coat: Old Navy kids Long gloves: Simply Vera Wang Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have to admit that since the flu hit me I have not seen the gym. This is about 3 weeks now. Tomorrow I'll be back though, with a plan. I've had way too many cupcakes lately. Crumbs Bakery is on my way to the headquarters of the organization I volunteer after work (Finland Center), so I've made it a habit dropping in and getting some cupcakes. It shows around my waist. But I do miss the feel of endorphin rush that exercising gives me. And I still need to get ripped like Scary Spice. 
This little package was waiting for me on my doorsteps when I got home from work today. It's my new gorgeous Kathy Van Zeeland bag I got special from QVC. It's so practical and it keeps everything organized because it has so many little and big pockets. And it's just the right size, big enough to carry my material life. Sorry, all the photos I took were so bad I cannot publish them. Still trying to learn to use the camera...They also put in a little gift, KVZ lip gloss duo. Something to re-gift... I don't think it's too organic and natural and all that stuff that I like.
Coat:Forever21 (love the soft fleece texture and silky lining) Scarf: Gap Boots:Bandolino

Courage isn't always about facing danger. Sometimes its about just getting out of bed everyday, grabbing your stubborn dreams & pushing. (Through Cory Booker's Twitter)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Warm weather continues in New York. It feels like spring more than late fall or winter. Time to pull out those summer dresses again. I'll still keep the boots on though, because I so love them!

In other news, my skin has improved so much. I will make some time and write about the new products that I'm using and the new skin care regime I've applied. My skin is clearing before my eyes. Finally. I'm so happy! One less thing to worry about!
Have a beautiful week where ever you are,


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sorry. I don't know how to use this camera. I need to read the manual and reset all settings. My good ol' camera was confiscated and now I have to deal with another camera I'm not do familiar with. I bought it for "him" few years ago and never really learned to use it. It's Canon SLR and takes probably beautiful photos, but I have to know what do with it before the beauty can be released.
New Yorkers were able to experience summer in the middle of October earlier this week. Weather was amazing and perfectly suitable for shorts and tees. Well, that's all gone now and we got storm heading our way. Time to get those boots, umbrellas and trench coats from the closets.
Trench: eDressme Private Collection

 I discovered great sushi place in East Village for nights out with friends. New Ashiya at 1st. Avenue around 10th St. serves unlimited sushi, sashimi, beer, wine and sake for $30. I  was very surprised that their sushi was actually fresh and delicious. I do not eat seafood so I had selection of veggie rolls and some chicken rolls. This place has 2 hour maximum and we did get kicked out after our time was up and another party was waiting for our table (I think we were there around 2,5 hrs).  Fun place to gather with a group of friends.
Photo by Mirva Lempiainen (c)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Life's too hectic to write, but here are some fall photos. Have a beautiful week! It's warm and sunny in NYC.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Feeling a little better now. Not 100% just yet, but about 90%. Emergen-C, Sambucol and Ginseng-Green tea with lots of fresh chopped ginger have been my remedies and today was my first day back at work since Thursday. Life goes on.
My babies Moses & Miina meditating with Buddha. Ok, who am I kidding, Moses is so rambunctious he could never sit still and meditate, as you may notice from the photo.

Monday, November 2, 2009


My new navy wool military jacket. Warm enough for the winter breezes.
And then some evening playtime in the yard after taking all the recyclables out. I just love the look of fallen leaves.