Saturday, November 27, 2010


 Some of you might remember me introducing my new Cougar boots few weeks ago here and here (that I absolutely love). Now Matchstick is asking for your feedback, dear audience, and they are donating $2 to the Red Cross for every survey completed. Please help the good cause. It will only take a minute, guaranteed! Go here to start.
Thank you darlings!


  1. Done as for me as well!

    Sending you warm thoughts dear. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving next weekend with my American gal pal gang! ...This week also draw turkeys with my Kid's English class kiddos.

    Otherwise, France has no clue on "what that TTTThaaaksgivin bizarre American hoopla is all about;)

  2. i love your kitties!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    xx Marina


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