Thursday, October 22, 2009


I think social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools for lot of things. As a wanna-be event planner they offer gateway to reaching people and advertising events happening around the city. This way it is easy for my friends to see what I'm thinking about doing and which events I'm planning to attend and give them quick event details, so they can decide if they would like to tag along or not. Other amazing thing that happened since I discovered Facebook is connecting with people from over 20 years ago. Like this week I had surprise visitor from Finland, one of my best friends through grades 1-6 with whom we somehow lost connection when we went to different schools. It's been 14 years since we saw each other.
It was so great to see her. It would be fun if she moved here (we talked about it too). I can't believe how many little details I still remember about her and her family and I just feel very comfortable around her. We went for some late lunch at Republic in Union Square. 
Republic has very fresh take on Asian food and it mixes Malaysian, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese flavors and cooking methods. Decor is minimalistic with high ceilings and huge photography art on the walls. There is communal seating that is suppose to encourage socializing with strangers, but the noise levels in this place are almost unbearable. I read quite a few reviews about this place and most of them mentioned the noise (I guess due to the type of ceiling and walls the space has). We went here around 3.30pm and very few people were there, but the noise was already pretty high. I can just imagine how it gets during peak hours. We had some salads (delicious dressing!) and fried tofu. Big portions for under ten bucks each. I recommend, but only for take-out or delivery...

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