Thursday, October 8, 2009


Fall is definitely here. It feels great to wear sweaters, boots and scarfs again. I'm not a friend of cold and winter is my least favorite time of the year, but I'm liking the fall time. The atmosphere is romantic and colors so vibrant. Wednesday I attended the Arm Candy Party at the gorgeous Phyto Universe (botanic hair care salon and spa) that boasts 2,850-square-foot “vertical garden” made entirely of tropical plants in its 6,000-square-foot space. The evening was about few glasses of champagne, bag designers and gift bags. Sorry, no photos from the party. I concentrated on gulping down the sparkling.
Look at this spa It's like some secret garden type place, so serene and tranquil.
Fall favorites: pantyhose, long sweater/sweater dresses, boots and scarfs.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Mine starts today and it includes exercising, installing new energy star qualified windows in our living room and TV room and maybe some fall shopping (need booties...). Take care and keep warm!



  1. Hei,

    ihana blogi! Olen lukenut jo kauan "salamatkustajana", kommentoimatta. Miten unenomaisen kadehdittavalta näyttääkään elämäs siellä sykkeessä.

    Mahdatko olla Mrs V.:n sisko, olette todella samannäköisiä? :D


  2. Hei Susse,

    kiitos kommentistasi ja kohteliaisuudesta! Mrs. V on erittain kaunis ja inspiroiva henkilo, mutta ei olla kylla sukua toisillemme ollenkaan :).


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