Monday, October 5, 2009


Cold, sterile sunroom. No sunny feel at all.
Our little helpers. 
We've spent the entire day finishing up our sunroom. We installed laminate flooring that imitates the hardwood floor we have throughout the rest of the house. Project total was around $500 which was much more than we'd expected to pay, but the end result is so worth it. Also it was really easy to do. The sunroom now feels like part of our house when before it was uninviting and cold extension. Sorry I have no photos of the end result, I will put it up on the next posting.


  1. mä luulin että asut jossain ahtaassa kerrostaloyksiössä keskellä manhattania :D Mutta siis asutko jossain rivitalossa vaiii?

  2. No joo, sain kerrostaloasumisesta tarpeekseni pari vuotta sitten ja ostimme omakotitalon, jossa tilaa (ja siivottavaa) riittaa vahan liiaksikin...



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