Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I stopped drinking chai made with cow milk while back when I realized it could cause my skin to break out (at some point you get paranoid and think everything you do, eat and drink causes breakouts). Well, my skin still does so I've decided to start drinking it again. Plus the weather's been nothing but rain. Chai, just as scented candles, bring warmth and comfort in my simple little life. 
I saw this lovely chai recipe here and I started making it at home in the morning and bring it with me to work in a thermal bottle so I don't need to spend another fortune at Starbucks. My mornings just got so much better. :) You could also replace the cow milk with almond or soy milk. Plus this week is going to be sunshine and warm temperatures so universe is smiling at me. Have a lovely week! Read it in Finnish here.


  1. Hi!
    Do you accept requests? ;) Would love to hear more about your kitties... Did you get them there or bring them from Finland? What kind of purrrsonalities they have?

  2. Hello. And Bye.


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