Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've gone to quite a few networking events within the past year and socializing does not always come naturally to me. Me and my new friend Eric, whom I met at Scandinavia House cocktail party, are hitting some Fashion's night Out events tomorrow Thursday and this requires knowledge on how to work the room. 
I found this article at Marie Claire that gives you the ultimate cheat sheet on working the room when attending (charity) events with possibility to meet some very important people (and maybe your next employer, who knows). 
1 Go to the organizations website and memorize the names (and faces, if they have photos) of the key players of the organization and what they do.

2 Do your homework and know the facts about the organization's mission, so that you don't appear shallow

2 Always carry your stuff (clutch, glass of champagne) on your left hand so that your right hand is free for handshakes which are the typical greeting at these events

3 Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone at your table before yous it down.

4 Take your business cards with you, but know when to hand them out. It should always be somehow related to the conversation you are having with the person.

For NYC social directories go to or
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