Friday, September 18, 2009


After my annual checkup with the doc I tried lunch at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park since it's right in the area where her practice is. Lines are usually ridiculous, but this time (past lunch and way before dinner time) it was not so bad. I had maybe 10 people before me and the line moved pretty fast. They actually have shack cam on their website so you can check the line before you head out that way. Great idea. I ordered 'Shroom burger (vegetarian) and Sundae with hot caramel sauce and whipped cream and cherry on top. That was the best burger I've had in like forever. So tasty. And that sundae was huuuge. I couldn't eat even half. You need someone to share that portion with.
After the late lunch I headed out to the gym for my workout including 20 min cardio (still hate it), 30 mins machines and 15 min stretching. All that sundae cut my workout little shorter than planned.
Earlier the day I had spoken with Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius and he said he would add my name+1 guest on the guest list with some after show backstage passes. I met Timo, Lauri and Matias few times during their time here in NYC and must say they are good, down to earth people. I was so honored to help them out with some of their travel arrangements while in the city and so grateful to have the opportunity to meet with them.
But he (on top) is the one I developed a huge idol crush on. Lauri is the bass player and he just had something that made me think irrationally. He is a sweetheart. I hope to stay in touch.And I hope this crush passes by soon...
The show ended at 12am and I had 5am wake up call for work the next morning so I got wonderful 3,5 hrs of sleep. But I was feeling ok the next day, didn't even take a nap after work, because I was so happy and high from this experience.
I wasn't dressed too "metal" or "rock", because wasn't 100% sure I was going to the gig, but I guess black skinny jeans, brown boots, black tank top and black blazer does ok job...
Ok, that's that story and now it's time to add some color to my hair (going red again) and prepare for this evening's Asskicker class. I'm ready!

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