Friday, September 4, 2009


This weekend is the end of the summer, Labor Day, and time to pack all my white clothes away (boo!). I was planning on going to the Hamptons, but Mr. did not like the idea. He actually wanted us to install bamboo flooring in our sunroom.  Why this weekend??!!! Can't you wait til next weekend??!! We'll see what he comes up with. If we're staying in the area I would like to go to his cousins boat and cruise around where ever his boat can take us. Some champagne and lots of sun.
I found this dress at Forever21 and it's perfect from office to happy hour. I love the material and it's really nicely fitting. I absolutely hate going to Forever21 stores because they are a mess (at least in Manhattan), so I ordered it online. Surprising that I got the size right. Discount stores such as Filene's Basement and Century 21 are great for discounted designer jewelry (among all the other things). I like to have few high quality pieces among all my $5 cheapies. I love these Erwin Pearl button earrings.
Celebrity inspired workout moves I found here. Looks like I'll be doing lots of push-ups from now on...

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Cute dress. With the new economy I've been "slumming it" at stores like TJ Maxx instead of my usual Neiman Marcus (even the outlet is a stretch for me right now). Surprisingly, I've found some really cute stuff. Mix it with my higher price items already in my wardrobe and nobody has to know! Your cat is adorable, by the way.

  2. Thanks sweetie! I went to Filene's Basement today during my lunch break and found some gorgeous Carolee jewelry for dirt cheap. Got to love a good bargain!Made my day.

  3. Who's the pretty kitty? Is she an oriental?

  4. Thanks! That's my little girl Miina. She and her brother Moses are both Siamese and they are the sunshine of my life.


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