Monday, September 28, 2009


My daily dose of pills for bettering my skin. Vitamin A+D, Milk Thisilyn extract, Yellow Dock Skin Cleanse, Zinc, Beta Caroten and some probiotics.These go down with lots of filtered water (not bottled!) to help out with the cleansing and healing process.
When I get sweet cravings I have an apple instead of candy. At my gym Gravity they serve fruits at the front desk and every time I walk out I take one or two (ok, sometimes three when no one is looking) to go. No need to buy them at the store anymore.
I might have gone a little overboard at the Asian market the other day and got tons of tea. I have a thing about detox now, so I got cleansing and detoxifying teas that I'm going to try to drink on a daily basis. Taste is not the best I have to admit, but I'm going to the Union Square Green Market to get some really good honey to go with it.
And talk about tea. Yesterday I met with my Fabulous Lady friend Tricia for some gelato and crepes at Melt in Upper East Side and she invited me for Cupcake Tea at The Ritz-Carlton New York. Just few of us Fabulous Ladies catching up and saying goodbye to Tricia who is moving to Greece by the end of this month. She is following her heart... How romantic. All the best for her in life! By the way, this cupcakes and tea thing would be perfect place for having a baby shower.
In case you wonder what Fabulous Ladies is, it is a group of ladies formed about 4 years ago to get together and have dinner in fancy restaurants and attend charity and other fun events.
Have a sweet weekend!

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