Wednesday, September 30, 2009


 Just a quick note before going to bed (got to love the 5am wake up calls). It's time to pull out the warm fall clothes out of the storage, weather has gotten cold in the Northeast. I got few of my sweaters out and already found one with a big hole in the middle of the chest. Awesome moths. Got to love them. This weekend I'm going to put away the summer stuff and take out the winter stuff. I hope I don't find more holes. Not in a mood for shopping basics.
I also wanted to remind that Pretty City has great promotion called Pretty in Pink going on during the month of October in selected beauty salons around the US that offers services for $31. I already booked Protein treatment, cut & style (normally $60) at Salon Ziba for tomorrow Thursday and Blue Light Acne Treatment (normally $250) at Bioskinergy for next week. It's for a great cause and I really needed some beauty treatments. Starting to look a little rough... My dry rocker hair. Not to even mention my bad skin. Although I'm seeing some improvement since switching to mineral make up and bunch of herbs and vitamins, but I'll tell you about it later.

Tomorrow I'm attending another Concierge event that's held this time at the NBC Store in Rockefeller Center. Food, drinks, Studio tour, Top of the Rock and prices. It's going to be fun. Have a happy weekend!

Monday, September 28, 2009


My daily dose of pills for bettering my skin. Vitamin A+D, Milk Thisilyn extract, Yellow Dock Skin Cleanse, Zinc, Beta Caroten and some probiotics.These go down with lots of filtered water (not bottled!) to help out with the cleansing and healing process.
When I get sweet cravings I have an apple instead of candy. At my gym Gravity they serve fruits at the front desk and every time I walk out I take one or two (ok, sometimes three when no one is looking) to go. No need to buy them at the store anymore.
I might have gone a little overboard at the Asian market the other day and got tons of tea. I have a thing about detox now, so I got cleansing and detoxifying teas that I'm going to try to drink on a daily basis. Taste is not the best I have to admit, but I'm going to the Union Square Green Market to get some really good honey to go with it.
And talk about tea. Yesterday I met with my Fabulous Lady friend Tricia for some gelato and crepes at Melt in Upper East Side and she invited me for Cupcake Tea at The Ritz-Carlton New York. Just few of us Fabulous Ladies catching up and saying goodbye to Tricia who is moving to Greece by the end of this month. She is following her heart... How romantic. All the best for her in life! By the way, this cupcakes and tea thing would be perfect place for having a baby shower.
In case you wonder what Fabulous Ladies is, it is a group of ladies formed about 4 years ago to get together and have dinner in fancy restaurants and attend charity and other fun events.
Have a sweet weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's been a week of major eye rolling at work, everybody gets on my nerves and I just hate being there. It serves no other purpose than paying my bills. If I didn't have these bills I would've already quit. I need to start looking again.
Pants: Express Wrap: Mandee Bag: Laila Rowe

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last night I had dinner with my sister-in-law, her husband and another couple and the restaurant where we went was BYOB, and they sure brought lots of wine. We went to an Italian restaurant by our house where we've never been before and the food was superb. I shared duck sausage and mushroom risotto with my husband for appetizer (I had the risotto and my husband had the sausage...) and for entree I had penne with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and a very little chicken. It was perfect meal for me, since I'm trying to cut back on eating poultry.
Pants:Express Blouse:Banana Republic Purse: Simply Vera Wang
After a laughter filled evening I was feeling very weak at work this morning. Yes, I had few too many glasses of wine.  Stratovarius and this whole thing since their gig here in NYC has made me so homesick (especially this song). I just feel that I need to be in Finland, around Finns and my family and speak Finnish. I wish my Green Card comes soon and I can fly home by the end of this month. I was thinking going for a week. Just meet old friends, hang out at my parents place, take long walks in Helsinki seaside, finally meet my sister's boyfriend, watch Finnish TV, listen to Finnish music on the radio and eat my mom's cooking. 

Friday, September 18, 2009


After my annual checkup with the doc I tried lunch at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park since it's right in the area where her practice is. Lines are usually ridiculous, but this time (past lunch and way before dinner time) it was not so bad. I had maybe 10 people before me and the line moved pretty fast. They actually have shack cam on their website so you can check the line before you head out that way. Great idea. I ordered 'Shroom burger (vegetarian) and Sundae with hot caramel sauce and whipped cream and cherry on top. That was the best burger I've had in like forever. So tasty. And that sundae was huuuge. I couldn't eat even half. You need someone to share that portion with.
After the late lunch I headed out to the gym for my workout including 20 min cardio (still hate it), 30 mins machines and 15 min stretching. All that sundae cut my workout little shorter than planned.
Earlier the day I had spoken with Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius and he said he would add my name+1 guest on the guest list with some after show backstage passes. I met Timo, Lauri and Matias few times during their time here in NYC and must say they are good, down to earth people. I was so honored to help them out with some of their travel arrangements while in the city and so grateful to have the opportunity to meet with them.
But he (on top) is the one I developed a huge idol crush on. Lauri is the bass player and he just had something that made me think irrationally. He is a sweetheart. I hope to stay in touch.And I hope this crush passes by soon...
The show ended at 12am and I had 5am wake up call for work the next morning so I got wonderful 3,5 hrs of sleep. But I was feeling ok the next day, didn't even take a nap after work, because I was so happy and high from this experience.
I wasn't dressed too "metal" or "rock", because wasn't 100% sure I was going to the gig, but I guess black skinny jeans, brown boots, black tank top and black blazer does ok job...
Ok, that's that story and now it's time to add some color to my hair (going red again) and prepare for this evening's Asskicker class. I'm ready!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I guess I subconsciously prepared myself for meeting with the great power metal rockers today; guys from Stratovarius. "Stadium Rocker" (my lovely co-worker Nick) and "The lost Hanson brother" (my lovely husband) were few ways my style was described today. Note that I always wear my hair on a ponytail or bun.
I have to admit that I thought summer had gone. But today summer came back and I spent my lunch hour outdoors in the park. Since my "he" had to work late today due to the opening night of Jay Leno I had some me&house time. Patricia Moreno sent this email few days ago and I followed her tips:
By taking care of your living space and treating it as your temple you can significantly improve the quality of your life. Every single thing is made of energy. If your home is cluttered with things from your past that are no longer useful there is no room new things.

Create more peace, harmony and abundance in your life by taking care of  your living space. 

1. Get rid of things you don't need. De-clutter your home. Don't just store it in the basement get rid of it! Get rid of anything you don't use, need, like or use regularly. If you want new energy in your home you must be willing to let go of the old! Let it go!!!!
2. Clean your home well.  Don't just dust but clean your home. Cleanliness is holiness.  You deserve it.

3. Increase the life force in your home with plants and flowers.

4. Open the windows and let fresh air in!

5. Have beautiful music playing in the background. Use music that creates peace and harmony in your heart.  Turn off the TV for a while.

6 Make sure your home smells beautiful. Light candles, incense or use essential oils.   Make it inviting and nourishing to all of your senses.

7 Repair things that are broken. When you allow things to be broken or leaking it says a lot about how you treat or care for yourself.  Fix them right away.
Necklace and bangles from Laila Rowe.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh boy oh boy, what a night. After work I went to the gym for two whole hours. I did everything; cardio, machines, comprehensive stretching and even enjoyed a moment in sauna. Then I went to have dinner at La Bonne Soupe where I enjoyed the prix fix ($17) soup menu that included glass of house wine (Chardonnay or Cabernet), green salad (way too much creamy dressing, would've preferred light vinaigrette), choice of soup (3 options, I had the tomato) and dessert (chocolate mousse or caramel flan). Service was great and restaurant small and cozy. Their crepes looked really good (both gentlemen next to me were having them) and I already know what I'm having the next time I visit La Bonne Soupe.

So my friend Eric finally got off work at 7.30pm and we met at Bread in Soho. Cute little restaurant in the middle of it all. Had a glass of wine while catching up and then headed to John Varvatos boutique where Eric had been eyeballing for some jacket for the Hip Hop Awards (connections, connections...). Varvatos had Fashion's night Out special where you get photographed by music photographer Mick Rock if you spend $300 on clothing or accessories. We did not, so we continued our route to the Hotel on Rivington for the Social Diva Fashion's Night Out after party. Free cocktails in their gorgeous lobby lounge.
Our next stop was suppose to be Bergdorf Goodman, but we noticed right next to the Rivington Hotel was some kind of gallery with loud music and young people. So we popped in, danced a little, drank a lot of wine (open bar) and just acted silly (look at the photos and you see what I mean...).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've gone to quite a few networking events within the past year and socializing does not always come naturally to me. Me and my new friend Eric, whom I met at Scandinavia House cocktail party, are hitting some Fashion's night Out events tomorrow Thursday and this requires knowledge on how to work the room. 
I found this article at Marie Claire that gives you the ultimate cheat sheet on working the room when attending (charity) events with possibility to meet some very important people (and maybe your next employer, who knows). 
1 Go to the organizations website and memorize the names (and faces, if they have photos) of the key players of the organization and what they do.

2 Do your homework and know the facts about the organization's mission, so that you don't appear shallow

2 Always carry your stuff (clutch, glass of champagne) on your left hand so that your right hand is free for handshakes which are the typical greeting at these events

3 Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone at your table before yous it down.

4 Take your business cards with you, but know when to hand them out. It should always be somehow related to the conversation you are having with the person.

For NYC social directories go to or
Get linked, 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


These are photos that I should have in my Ipod while I'm jogging out in the field or doing the Asskicker class. Mel B. has gorgeous body. Her muscles are just the right size to make her look powerful, but still feminine. And those abs... That's a core worth spending hours at the gym and abandon your friends and husband if they're not willing to come along.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I've spent the last two mornings trying to start liking jogging. Still not liking it, but I do love getting up early and walking out here before anyone else gets up. I take my big bottle of water and my Ipod with me and do few rounds around the field and push-ups and stretch between the runs. And of course enjoy the sun while we still have it.

Friday, September 4, 2009


This weekend is the end of the summer, Labor Day, and time to pack all my white clothes away (boo!). I was planning on going to the Hamptons, but Mr. did not like the idea. He actually wanted us to install bamboo flooring in our sunroom.  Why this weekend??!!! Can't you wait til next weekend??!! We'll see what he comes up with. If we're staying in the area I would like to go to his cousins boat and cruise around where ever his boat can take us. Some champagne and lots of sun.
I found this dress at Forever21 and it's perfect from office to happy hour. I love the material and it's really nicely fitting. I absolutely hate going to Forever21 stores because they are a mess (at least in Manhattan), so I ordered it online. Surprising that I got the size right. Discount stores such as Filene's Basement and Century 21 are great for discounted designer jewelry (among all the other things). I like to have few high quality pieces among all my $5 cheapies. I love these Erwin Pearl button earrings.
Celebrity inspired workout moves I found here. Looks like I'll be doing lots of push-ups from now on...

Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


 The end of the summer is nearing and I'm trying to get the last of it. I'm spending my lunch breaks outdoors instead of surfing the internet at Starbucks. I went to the park again today.