Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After eating few too many cupcakes in the past few days (after discovering Magnolia Bakery 7 blocks from my job), it's time think healthy again. When I was young(er) I took Ashtanga yoga classes at Tanssivintti (The Dance Attic) in Helsinki center. My teacher was the great (and hot) Petri Raisanen  (who dated that lady from the show "House", Lisa Edelstein). I've never got such heavenly feeling from physical exercise other than Ashtanga yoga. I felt like I was walking on clouds, so light my step was. And my mind was so clear. The special breathing played the key role in this ad you can just imagine what deep stretching and deep breathing non-stop for 90 minutes does to you. It does uber good.
I saw an ad on our local yoga studio for Hot Power Yoga (Vinyasa) and really want to go try it. The ad says that Hot Power Yoga detoxes the body and mind leaving you energized and revitalized, cleansed and calm, awake and aware.One power vinyasa class can burn 500 calories. I think that would make great add-on to my workout regime, balance it out.

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  1. Minäkin kävin hänen astangajoogassa Helsingissä vuosia sitten ja tykkäsin kyllä myös. Paikan nimeä en enää muista mutta Vallilan puolella taisi olla.


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